Natural Insect Barrier
Environmentally Safe ...
Stops Ants Without Chemicals
Easy to Use Elastic Rings
Made From Natural Feathers
Select Size of Ring Upon
Diameter of the Table Leg
Four Rings Per Set*
Tython natural insect barriers stop ants and other crawling insects
from accessing food on tables, cabinets, kitchen counters, pet food
bowls, etc. No chemicals or sprays are necessary. The barriers are
made from specially selected sterilized high quality natural feathers
in convenient easy to use rings and straps.
Tython Industries
Environmentally Friendly Products
For use on a dinner table, for example, the rings are elastic and made
to stretch and wrap around table legs. They come in three sizes: small,
medium, and large. They fit table legs ranging from about 1 inch to 3
inches in diameter. The bigger the table leg, the bigger the ring must
be to work properly. They are easy to put on. Just wrap the barrier
around the table leg four times and hook it to form a ring.
Dinner Tables
Picnic Ware
Small Trays
Kitchen Counters
Ovens &
Computer Desks
Pet Food Bowls
Garbage Cans
Cribs & Beds