Natural Insect Barrier
Tython Industries
Environmentally Friendly Products
1. Rings for Dinner Table Legs
* Use for Indoor Ants
For Larger Outdoor Ant Species
2. Trays
3. Garbage Can Stands
Tython pet food bowls stop ants from swarming over your petís food
dish. Current plans and designs include plastic and stainless steel
bowls in single or double bowl configurations for both food and water.
The bowls use a large Tython feather ring under the bowl, hidden from
view and protected from getting wet or dirty. The unique design also
keeps dogs and cats from playing with the feathers. The handy insert
bowl is easy to remove and clean after each use. If interested, please
contact Tython customer service to order the bowls as soon as they
become available.

Tython stands keep garbage cans
off the floor and away from the ants.
Just removing this one source of
food can greatly reduce the number
of ants roaming around a kitchen.

4. Pet Food Bowls
Tython trays keep ants away
from sugar, ketchup, sauces,
peanuts, and other condiments.
5. Kitchen Counter - Elevated
6. Food Storage Cabinets
7. Beds & Baby Cribs
8. Picnic Ware
The following sketches and drawings are under consideration
for development. If sufficient interest is generated, these ideas
for picnic ware can be produced in a reasonable time.
9. Wire Wrap Ring
Ants can easily access tables and counters by traversing
an electrical wire plugged into the wall socket to power an
appliance. These feather barriers stop them.
10. Computer Desks
Dinner Tables
Picnic Ware
Small Trays
Kitchen Counters
Ovens &
Computer Desks
Pet Food Bowls
Garbage Cans
Cribs & Beds