Natural Insect Barrier
Tython Industries
Environmentally Friendly Products
We live in an area with lots of ants. Place a
plate of fruit on patio table, and it is full of
ants in about 30 minutes. The ants are
everywhere. They crawl around the kitchen,
coffee tables, the computer - even on the
bed in search of food.

Out of desperation, we tried everything, but
nothing worked. Finally one day, we
experimented with natural feathers placed
around table legs and wonders of wonders,
it worked. No more ants on the tables,
cabinets, pet food bowl, or even the bed.

We decided to produce these feather
barriers to help other people with ant
infestations. We have our own factory now
and we make the feather rings by hand,
although there are quite a few steps in the
production process.
Dinner Tables
Picnic Ware
Small Trays
Kitchen Counters
Ovens &
Computer Desks
Pet Food Bowls
Garbage Cans
Cribs & Beds